The Lair of the Golden Bear Scholarship

Since 1949, the Cal Alumni Association’s Lair of the Golden Bear has provided unforgettable summer vacations for generations of Cal alumni families and friends of the University. Located just three hours east of the Bay Area at 5,600 feet in beautiful Pinecrest, CA, the Lair’s fresh air, sunshine, and surrounding natural beauty provide our guests with an amazing mountain playground.

The Lair staff team is comprised of an outstanding mix of college-aged students, mostly rooted in the UC system. Without question, the staff is the heart and soul of camp life, providing boundless energy, warmth, and enthusiasm every moment of your stay. In addition to leading all of the camp programming, staffers are positive role models for your children, and their top priority is delivering a fantastic vacation experience. This scholarship serves to recognize the leadership demonstrated by UC Berkeley students who work at the Lair.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Which summer(s) did you work at the Lair? Separate all years by a comma. (example 2020, 2021)
  2. Follow directions carefully. Please describe up to three activities that best highlight your involvement in your academic, work, or community environments during your undergraduate career. 1. Name of Activity:
  3. Activity 1 Description:
  4. Activity 1 Role:
  5. Activity 2 Name of Activity:
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