CAA Native American Scholarship

The Cal Alumni Association Native American Scholarship (CAANAS) is a one-year, merit-based award that recognizes Native American students at UC Berkeley for leadership, community involvement, as well as their contribution to the Indigenous community. This scholarship is available to all Native American students at Cal including incoming first year and junior transfer students. The Native American Scholarship is offered to make a UC Berkeley education more affordable for Native American students.


Students must be enrolled at UC Berkeley (First years, sophomores, juniors, junior transfers, and seniors* are eligible)
Must be enrolled in Spring 2024
Students must Identify as American Indian
or Native American* to qualify.
*The descendants of the peoples living within what is now the continental contiguous United States prior to European contact.

$1000 - 5000
Supplemental Questions
  1. This Scholarship is intended for Native American (The descendants of the peoples living within what is now the continental contiguous United States prior to European contact) students attending UC Berkeley. Please supply the following information to be considered:
    • Please Select All of the Following which apply to you:
  2. CAA recognizes that heritage, identity, and belonging are complex topics and are distinct from citizenship. Please provide additional information and/or a Heritage Statement which describes your affiliation with an American Indian community.
  3. Please describe at least three activities that reflect how you have made an impact in any of the following settings: academic, professional, or community environments (community service, jobs, religious organizations, community organizations, non-school affiliated sports, etc.), on-campus activities (student government, clubs, sports, etc.) or individual and/or family responsibilities (primary sibling or parent caregiver, translator, etc.). Please note that participation in cultural ceremonies and involvement in tribal communities should be considered for this section. This includes learning native languages, caring for elders, creating and/or preparing regalia or other culturally significant items. Activity 1 Name:
  4. Activity 1 Role:
  5. Activity 1 Description:
  6. Activity 2 Name of Activity:
  7. Activity 2 Role:
  8. Activity 2 Description:
  9. Activity 3 Name of Activity:
  10. Activity 3 Role:
  11. Activity 3 Description:
  12. Please describe a topic or issue you are passionate about. How is it grounded in your identity as a Native American?
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