The Leadership Award

For Incoming Students – This opportunity is only for students who have been recently admitted to UC Berkeley (first-year students and junior transfers)

Established in 1934, the Leadership Award (TLA) offers a multi-year, auto-renewable scholarship. It supports visionary, innovative, and inspiring leaders who make a positive impact on their communities. Our scholars are known for their intellectual curiosity and creativity, demonstrating initiative and self-awareness.

$2,500 annually
Supplemental Questions
  1. I certify that I qualify for Pell Grant or I am a California Dream Act or AB540 student who meets the income thresholds which would qualify me for Pell Grant.
  2. UC Application ID:
    PLEASE NOTE: Incoming UC Berkeley students, if this number is incorrect, we will be unable to consider you for any award.
  3. UC Berkeley Student ID (SID)
  4. UC Berkeley Email Address
  5. The application evaluators will not have access to your UC application, but the following questions were formatted to align closely with UC Personal insight questions. You can reuse your personal insight answers for this application if you feel they are relevant. Your answers must be submitted in a plain-text format with no style or formatting (e.g. italics, boldface, bullet points, underlining, accent marks, etc.). Please DO NOT include any links in your answer. Each answer must fall under the specified 350 word limit. Your essay will automatically cut off once you have reached the word limit. If you wish to add a paragraph break, please use a double return. Before you begin, take a moment to think about your answers. Be sure to check spelling and grammar before submitting your essays. There is no right or wrong way to answer these questions. It’s about getting to know your personality, background, interests and achievements in your own unique voice.
  6. Essay 1: Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time. (350 Words)
  7. Essay 2: Reflect on a moment which inspired you to learn more or express your creativity. Describe this instance and how it has shaped your experiences inside or outside the classroom. (350 Words).
  8. By checking this button, I hereby confirm that all of the information above is accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge and written and submitted by me. I certify that I meet all eligibility requirements as specified on this application. I release this information to Cal Alumni Association (CAA) and its staff and volunteers for the purposes of evaluating my scholarship application. I understand that some of the biographical information included in my application may be released to the donor(s) of my alumni scholarship. I understand that the information given may be investigated and that any false representation or evidence of plagiarism is sufficient cause for rejection of this application or if awarded scholarship benefits, that I am liable for the return of all awarded funds. I also give permission to the UC Berkeley Office of Undergraduate Admission and the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to release any and all information included in my Application for Undergraduate Admission and Scholarships to the CAA, provided that such information is used for the purpose of evaluating my application for the Alumni Scholars Program.
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